Saturday, 20 February 2010

My thoughts on unwritten stories

Pavillions of the Heart
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Shame is a terrible and heavy burden to carry but it can also be a comforting blanket of safety in these turbulent times of everyday living - I never go anywhere without at least one suitcase full of shame at all times. One of these cases is a vintage vanity case, it's navy blue and has a parcel label tied to the handle. There are two words on the label, in the wonky font you get from using an old manual typewriter: "Unwritten Stories". Most of the stories in this case have been with me for 10 years or more. My aim this year is to let some of those stories out of the case and into other people's souls. To that end I'll be depositing them in the library as "Reference Only" items. You'll be able to read the story fragments here but will be discouraged from taking the ideas for yourself - my ego is currently too fragile to bear the pain of seeing these stories made real by someone else. For some of the stories I will be looking for collaborators in the form of childrens illustrators but the main thing will be to garner your support to give me the courage to write the whole story and set them free into the world.