Sunday, 11 October 2009

Grab a torch and visit my Midnight Library

The Midnight Library is a place for me to share all the crazy (and not so crazy) ideas that would probably never see the light of day otherwise. Please feel free to take any of these ideas and make them your own but in the spirit of the lending library please return the ideas at some point so I can see what you've done :-)

Opening hours:
Midnight - Daybreak; Open every night of the year.

Lending limits:
Adults and children alike can take as many ideas from the library as they can carry.

Other rules:
Visitors are encouraged to bring their midnight feasts to the library. The head librarian is particularly fond of banana bread and marshmallows.
There is a licensed bar on site at the library, please pick up a coaster from the front desk and report any spillages to the head librarian.
There is no electricity at the Midnight Library. We supply tealights, torches and firefly-filled jars to help you find your way in the dark.

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