Sunday, 14 March 2010

Idea 4: 'Buy it Now' prices for art

So while I was happily doodling away on the back of an envelope this afternoon an idea struck me ... what if I offered my art at a lower 'Buy it Now' price while it's a work in progress and then set a higher price once it's finished?

The buyer benefits by getting to pay a lower price and I benefit by having an incentive to finish the drawing ... Great idea? Rubbish idea? Let's find out ...

If you want to buy the piece I was working on when I had this brainwave (pictured below) then you can reserve it now for £5 ... once it's finished I'll post it on for £10 ... postage is included and I'll throw in a couple of little surprises to sweeten the deal.

"find a way to float"

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