Monday, 26 September 2011

The Poetry and Story Adoption Agency

So you know how I have all these untold stories and fragments of poetry constantly swirling around me ... and you know I'm not very good at getting round to writing them down ... well I've had an idea... I'm going to invite people to adopt my nascent poems and stories by giving me money on a Pay What You Want basis. In return I'll commit to writing down and finishing the poem or story and I'll also:
- send you a typewritten (yes, as in 'typed by my fair hand on a manual typewriter') copy of the finished poem/story (including copies of any illustrations).
- dedicate the poem/story to you and credit you with being responsible for bringing it into the world if I ever publish it in a book or similar.
- early adopters will also get sent one of the handwritten original drafts. Subsequent adopters will get a later handwritten draft or a facsimile copy depending on what's available.

Does that sound like an appealing idea? I feel like I'm perilously close to channelling the spirit of Derek Trotter as I try to turn my creative doings into something that will pay the bills but I like the idea of making money as part of the process rather than making things and then trying to flog the end product ... Does that make sense? Hello, is this on? < taps microphone > ;-)


  1. LOVE this poem. For me, it captures the notion that words aren't ours to keep, but to share with others and hopefully inspire and spark ideas in the minds our words meet on their travels.

    Can't wait to receive my poem, I'll be putting it on the wall next to my desk to remind me to keep writing down, and more importantly sharing the words that so regularly fill my head :)

  2. ah, thanks sis :) I have typed it up and will get it in the post on Friday along with the original from the photo above :) Looking forward to reading the words you write down and then release on the lifting breeze :) Hx

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